Simple setup

Intuitive design

The Most Maneuverable ROV: SRV-8 Underwater Drone

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Design Features

8 Dynamic Vectored Thrusters

LED Lights (1,500 Lumens each)

Battery Modules (2)

Ruggedized Frame

Frame Rails for Mounting Accessories

Navigation System Connection Port

Ruggedized Floatation

Dual Mode Camera (HD/Analog)

Tether Support Ring and Strain Relief

Robotic 3-Jaw Grabber

Ventral Connectors

SRV-8 ROV Complete System

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Sunlight Readable Display Screen
Xbox Controller
Battery Power Pack for Control Console
Auxiliary Video Display Connection
Serial/Ethernet Connections
8 Dynamic Vectored Thrusters
Navigation System (various options)
Frame Rails
Dual Mode Camera – HD/Analog
LED Lights (1,500 Lumens each)
Rugged Frame
Battery Modules (2)
Robotic 3-Jaw Grabber
Sonar System (various options)
4.5mm diameter Tether on 400m capacity Reel

Operating in complex environments presents challenges, the SRV-8 makes it easy. With RJE’s exclusive 8 thruster DVC (dynamic vector control) and advanced programming, the SRV-8 is easily manipulated in most current conditions and underwater environments. This battery-operated ROV gives you up to 6 hours of mission time on a single charge and is depth rated at 305 meters, giving you the confidence you need to accomplish any task. 

Learning to fly the SRV-8 underwater drone is simple and takes 3 minutes or less to set-up and deploy. The standard Xbox joystick controller allows for intuitive operation for any marine professional.

Underwater Innovation

The Most Maneuverable ROV on the Market today

RJE Oceanbotics™ exclusive 8 thruster DVC gives full 360° maneuverability along 6 axes and advanced programming reduces the time needed to train an operator. Using a standard Xbox joystick controller, the operator “flies” the SRV-8 with near-instant familiarity. The ROV can perform complex maneuvers such as crabbing, climbing and pitching, and it can ascend, descend, move left, right, forward or backward with a single thumbstick gesture. The ROV’s software smarts enables precision station-keeping and hold functions where the SRV-8 can be locked onto a specific heading, depth or pitch angle.

Ease of Use and One Person Portable

The SRV-8 can be in the water three minutes or less after arriving at the launch site. Deploying from almost any platform is simple, quick connectors link the ROV to tether to topside box and controller with 8.4” sunlight readable monitor – all in a matter of minutes. Extend your mission with hot-swappable battery modules (available in Lithium or NiMH), no generator required.

Operate in any Underwater Environment Up to 305m Depth

In addition to getting up to 6+ hours of operation on a single charge (using Lithium batteries), the batteries provide enough power to get the SRV-8 on-station as rapidly as possible. The SRV-8 underwater drone is rated to depths as low as 305 meters (1,000 ft). The tether reel supports lengths up to 400m (1,312 ft) and the small diameter (4.5mm) of the tether itself reduces the effect of drag, weight and current on the ROV, making maneuvers and station-keeping easier. With the uniquely designed strain relief connection and a pull strength rated over 300lbs, the tether can be used for launch and recovery of the SRV-8 from high platforms, or used to aid in the recovery of large heavy objects from the sea floor.

Dual Mode Camera (HD/Analog) + LED Lights

The SRV-8 is your “window in the water”. Two 1,500 lumen LED lights penetrate the depths with about a third of the brightness of full sunlight, illuminating 135° in front of the ROV, enabling the operator to find their target faster. Additional lights can easily be added to the frame. The onboard camera delivers dual feeds – a clear, real-time analog feed for the operator, and a high resolution digital signal suitable for viewing on-site or recording for later analysis.

Customizable Modular Platform with Various Connection Options

Designed to tackle a wide variety of missions, the SRV-8 underwater drone can be used for inspecting infrastructure such as bridges, piers and pipelines, or deployed in a search and recovery mission with equal ease. And, while this ROV is fully capable in its basic configuration, its utility can be enhanced with accessories available from RJE International, Oceanbotics™ or third parties. Oceanbotics™ offers an optional grabber arm and precision R-Nav or R-Nav Pro navigation systems.

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