Introducing the SRV-8X Optimus ATS
(Acoustic Tracking System), Oceanbotics’
second addition to its Special Purpose Vehicle Division.

The SRV-8X Optimus ATS is an exceptional remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) engineered to detect pingers & transponders used to identify precise underwater locations.

A prime example includes underwater locator beacons (ULBs) affixed to black boxes (flight recorders), commonly found on commercial aircraft. When directed towards an acoustic beacon, the ATS receives an audio signal, providing information about the exact location of the target. Oceanbotics incorporated these navigation capabilities into its SubNav-X OS software, which is known for its intuitive design and user-friendly experience. Utilizing a signal strength meter, the software precisely determines the beacon’s location by analyzing the characteristics of the audio tone.

The SRV-8X Optimus ATS is also capable of discreetly identifying sonar transponders without revealing their positions, rendering it a highly valuable resource for operations that require absolute confidentiality. With the aid of a conventional gaming controller, the operator can navigate and pinpoint the beacons and transponders with ease. This state-of-the-art technology significantly enhances sonar detection, empowering professionals in defense and search & rescue sectors.

For more information about the SRV-8X Optimus ATS please contact our sales support team at: 1.949.656.8038