Our professional underwater drones are manufactured to meet your industry-specific needs.

Search & Rescue l Law Enforcement

The SRV-8 is the first choice for first responders. Our ROVs offer swift deployment and rapid response, ensuring quick action when time is of the essence. With an easy setup process taking less than 3 minutes, simply throw it into the water and deploy it.

Teams who trust the SRV-8 include:

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
Los Angeles Port Police
San Diego Police Department
Orange County Sheriff’s Department
West Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
NOAA – Law Enforcement
Netherlands Police Department
Fairfax County Police Department
Fontana Fire Department
Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police

Defense l Military


Strengthen surveillance efforts and effectively neutralize threats using advanced underwater ROVs for mine countermeasure operations. Leverage sonar technology alongside advanced navigation tools to discreetly monitor underwater threats with precision, ensuring thorough surveillance beneath the surface.

Ask about our special-purpose vehicles for specific underwater operations including sea mine disposal and acoustic tracking of objects underwater.

Trusted by defense teams around the globe:

USA Navy
Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Babcock International
Canadian Navy
Finnish Navy
French Navy
Indonesia Navy
New Zealand Navy
Royal Navy – United Kingdom
Slovenia Armed Forces
Swedish Navy

Offshore Oil & Gas


Make surveys and inspections of underwater pipelines easier using ROVs. Rely on the SRV-8 to streamline the process of conducting surveys and assessments of underwater pipelines, providing a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring and maintaining critical infrastructure.

Our customers include:

Geo Oceans
Inmarvenco C.A.
Oceanica – Brazil

Border Patrol


Protect your waters against illicit activities. Trusted by numerous border task force departments worldwide, this advanced technology enables comprehensive surveillance and detection of underwater threats.

With recording and playback features seamlessly integrated into our SubNav OS software, obtain the most accurate surveillance data for comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Our customers include:

Australian Border Force
Indonesian Marine Police
Mexico Port Authorities
United Kingdom (UK) Border Force

Infrastructure l Commercial Diving

Complete tedious inspections in half the time using the SRV-8.  Our ROVs tackle tasks in hazardous environments, from inspecting intricate underwater structures to retrieving valuable resources, all while ensuring the safety and well-being of personnel above the surface.

Dive teams entrust the SRV-8 as their steadfast mission companion, tirelessly dedicated to enhancing diver safety around the clock.

Marine Science


Discover the next generation of great ocean conservationists. Underwater drones signify a new era of innovation for marine scientists and conservationists alike. Whether you’re sampling endangered coral species, monitoring water quality, or combating pollution in our waterways, ROVs stand at the forefront of marine science.

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our esteemed clientele, experts who place their trust in our ROVs:

Our customers include:

Coastal Carolina University
Department of Fisheries – Australia
Mote Marine Sanctuary
Universidad Catolica del Norte
University of Corsica



Set new industry standards for sustainable food production using underwater drones. Stay at the forefront of aquaculture best practices using underwater ROVs to survey fish populations and monitor water quality.

Efficiently collect and record data for future utilization, mitigating risks and optimizing fish farm productivity.


Explore the perfect underwater drone for your mission.