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RJE Oceanbotics™ LLC was formed in June 2017 as a division of RJE International, Inc. (27+ year leader in underwater mission critical products) with the goal of creating a drone-like underwater experience for professionals in the marine industry.

To us, a drone-like experience means that it’s as easy to fly underwater as an aerial drone; this includes balancing itself automatically and staying put when you take your hand off the controller.

After an intensive engineering effort from our amazing and dedicated team, we can proudly say that we have reached our goal.

We invite you to have a look at our SRV-8 ROV and it’s impeccable design to see how it may benefit you in getting your underwater tasks done faster, easier, and more reliably than ever before.

Meet the Team

RJE Oceanbotics CEO headshot

Robert Jechart


Robert is an entrepreneur at heart with Oceanbotics™ being his 4th successful technology start-up. He loves to explore new technologies and applications but takes the most pride in figuring out how to create a better product and customer experience. “We’ve had many successes as well as a few difficult times, which provided some very valuable lessons along the way. I very much appreciate the journey and how these different experiences made me a better, more insightful and wiser person today”.

Years in Marine/Engineering Industry: 30

Current project: Our goal at Oceanbotics™ is to make a contribution to the industry by providing the most capable, easy to use and affordable underwater ROV for professionals working underwater and under pressure.

Shawn Devlin


The entirety of my career has encompassed disruptive technology and its march towards mainstream use. The time I have invested in the financial sector driving the prepaid market forward, as well as my roles spent in the underwater technology realm formed the foundation for what I believe.
• ROV Development Consultant
• Global Networks Manger
• Various areas of expertise in mechanical design and analysis, user experience and systems engineering and testing.

Years in Marine/Engineering Industry: 10

Current project: As the SRV-8 Team Lead, it’s my goal to grow the SRV-8 into the industry standard solution for small vehicle operations through being reliable, intuitive, modular and easy to use.

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RJE International

Manufacturing & Engineering

RJE Oceanbotics is a subsidiary of RJE International, Inc., a worldwide leader in underwater acoustic relocation and navigation products. Founded over 25 years ago, RJE has built a reputation for excellence in technology, reliability and customer service.

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