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The Oceanbotics SRV-8 sets a new standard for underwater inspection and exploration.

Designed for superior performance and reliability, it gets the job done like no other.


The Oceanbotics SRV-8 is a robust and easy-to-operate platform that will positively surprise you in many ways. You’ll love its intuitive response, its quickness, and how much fun it is to operate.

An integrated Dual-Mode camera captures high-quality video in HD while letting you navigate in analog mode without signal delay (latency).

And there’s an added bonus — it just looks cool!

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  • 8 Thrusters for Full Maneuverability and Quickness – 6DOF
  • Analog / HD Dual Camera
  • 305m Depth Rating
  • Very Easy to Operate
  • Smart Navigation
  • Extensive Sensor Package
  • Built-in Expandability
  • Hot-Swappable Long-Life Battery Modules (No generator required)
  • Control Console with Sunlight Readable Monitor


Because of its 8 thrusters and advanced programming, the SRV-8 is quick & agile, moving instantaneously in any direction (6DOF)… even sideways (crabbing). Not only can it do amazing things underwater … flying this vehicle is loads of fun!


The Oceanbotics SRV-8 includes basic navigation such as compass heading, pitch & roll, and depth. The optional Advanced Navigation features RJE’s own integrated R-Nav ROV Navigation System which provides range and bearing from the ROV to the operator. The computer software provides for lat/long navigation including programming of waypoints, event logs and other advanced features.

to Operate

The SRV-8 uses a standard gaming controller which is connected to a sunlight readable screen for easy viewing. Learning how to fly the vehicle is very easy, quick and intuitive. Preprogrammed buttons simplify flying even more.

& Support

The Oceanbotics SRV-8 draws on its heritage from RJE International, a worldwide leader in quality and innovative underwater navigation and sonar products for over 25 years. RJE International is an ISO-9001/2015 certified manufacturer with a reputation for top quality as well as worldwide after sales support & service.

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