This remotely operated underwater vehicle is designed for superior performance and reliability, equipped with RJE’s 8 thruster dynamic vector control providing 6 DOF, precision control and extreme maneuverability.

With a quick and easy set-up, near-instant operating familiarity and impeccable underwater visibility, the RJE Oceanbotics™ SRV-8 ROV is the most reliable and affordable remote operating vehicle (ROV) on the market. The topside control console with standard Xbox controller provides intuitive operation for any marine professional.

This high performance battery-powered ROV features an intuitive operating system, dual camera (HD/Analog), 305 meter depth rating, and 1500 lumen LED lights on a customizable platform, serving a multitude of applications in any underwater condition.

The SRV-8 acts as a window in the water for marine observation and deep water exploration.

The SRV-8

8 Thruster Dynamic Vector Control (DVC)

305 Meter Depth Rating (1000 ft)

Setup and Deploy in 3 minutes or Less

One Person Portable

Battery Operated

Built-in Expandability

Control Console with Sunlight Readable Monitor

Xbox Gaming Controller

Analog / HD Dual Camera

Smart Navigation

Hot-Swappable Long-Life Battery Modules (4-6 hours)

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