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The Oceanbotics SRV-8 is a robust and easy-to-operate platform that will positively surprise you in many ways. You’ll love its intuitive response, its quickness, and how much fun it is to operate.

An integrated Dual-Mode camera captures high-quality video in HD while letting you navigate in analog mode without signal delay (latency).

And there’s an added bonus — it just looks cool!

  • 8 Thrusters for Full Maneuverability and Quickness

  • Analog / HD Camera

  • 300m Depth Rating

  • Very Easy to Operate

  • Smart Navigation

  • Extensive Sensor Package

  • Built-in Expandability

  • Hot-Swappable Battery Modules

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8 Thrusters for Full Maneuverability
Lights: 130° beam angle, 3k Lumens
Analog / HD Dual-Mode Camera
Robotic Arm
2 “Hot-Swappable” Battery Modules
Navigation Beacon


Due to its 8 thrusters and advanced programming, the SRV-8 is quick & agile, moving almost instantaneously in any direction… even sideways (crabbing).
Not only can it do amazing things underwater … flying this vehicle is loads of fun!


The Oceanbotics SRV-8 includes basic navigation such as compass heading, Pitch & Roll, and depth.
The optional Advanced Navigation features RJE’s own integrated R-Nav ROV Navigation System which provides range and bearing from the ROV to the operator. The computer software provides for long/lat navigation including programming of way points, event logs and other advanced features.

to Operate

The SRV-8 uses a standard X-box joystick control which is connected to a sunlight readable screen for easy viewing. Learning how to fly the vehicle is very easy and quick. Preprogrammed buttons simplify flying even more.

& Support

The Oceanbotics SRV-8 draws on its heritage from RJE International, a worldwide leader in quality and innovative underwater navigation and sonar products for over 25 years.
RJE International is an ISO-9001/2015 certified manufacturer with a reputation for top quality as well as worldwide after sales support & service.

Robert Jechart, CEO

About RJE

The underwater world is full of opportunities for the Marine professional.

At RJE Oceanbotics we have fun designing, developing, and manufacturing reliable leading edge robotics equipment. And we make it affordable. Marine professionals rely on our products for premium quality, durability, and versatility.

Our seasoned team of engineers has decades of experience innovating and developing equipment for the underwater environment. By creating smart, agile, and affordable products, we help subsea professionals operate successfully and easily.

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Team SRV-8

RJE International

Manufacturing & Engineering

RJE Oceanbotics is a subsidiary of RJE International, Inc., a worldwide leader in underwater acoustic relocation and navigation products. Founded over 25 years ago, RJE has built a reputation for excellence in technology, reliability and customer service.

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The Oceanbotics SRV-8 sets a new standard for underwater inspection and exploration.

Designed for superior performance and reliability, it gets the job done like no other.