SRV-8X is 2x Larger and More Powerful Than Our Standard SRV-8

  • Extra Accessory Ports
  • Surface Power Supply Options
  • Fiber Optic Tether Options

The SRV-8X Provides Extensive Capabilities

Though the SRV-8X can be used for all industry applications, its powerful new feature set excels specifically for the harsh requirements encountered by First Responders, Search & Rescue, Military l Defense, Inland Infrastructure, Aquaculture, Science and Reseach, Offshore Energy and Extreme Recreational users.

The SRV-8X was developed to push the limits required for Offshore deployment where the payload limitations, multiples of required accessories along with challenging depth and currents demand a more powerful and flexible solution.

Designed to fill in the gaps and reduce pain points for the customer for professionals in Offshore, Military, Science.


The optional surface power supply eases the pain on oil rigs for offshore or other harsh environments.

Fiber Optic tether allows for operation of distances greater than 400m (our copper tether decreases in bandwidth as the length increases – after 400m you see significant lag)

More accessory ports allow users to add additional accessories to complete wider variety of jobs (Still field upgradeable/plug & play solutions) – this is great for Science and Research teams that work in the Ocean (ie NOAA and marine biologists)

The SRV-8X Provides Extensive Capabilities

Larger thrusters and more powerful design of the SRV-8X increases payload limitations and ability to work in stronger currents at deeper depths.

Added conveniences include on/off switch and underwater tracking beacon.


Length-50cm (19.5”) Width-43cm (17”) Height-33cm (13”) Weight-18.6kg(41lbs)
Length-64cm (25”) Width-51cm (20”) Height-43cm (17”) Weight-30kg(65lbs)
2.3 times the volume of the SRV-8 1.5 as heavy as the SRV-8
8 bushless DC thrusters
8 large bushless DC thrusters
3X Thrust
Depth Rating
305 meter (1000ft)
500 meter (1640ft)
works at greater depths and higher currents
2 Standard, 135 degree beam angle, 3000 Lumens Total
4ea Blueprint Subsea Lights (6000 Lumen Total)
See more with added lighting
External Sensor Inputs
2EA Ethernt Devices 2EA Serial Devices
4EA Ethernet Devices 2EA Serial Devices Fiber optic option available
Almost twice the connectivity of the SRV-8 Connect additional sensors or devices
100M (328FT), 4.5mm Diameter. Tether Provided (Up to 400M Option)
250m (328ft) tetherther provided,4.5mm diameter, Fiber Optic Option available
The SRV-8X has a fiber optic tether option for lengths to over 2km
Best in Class SubNav™ software seamlessly integrates accessories for an easy to use & all-in-one experience
Best in Class SubNav-X™ software seamlessly integrates accessories for an easy to use & all-in-one experience
Same intuitive software optimized for the larger vehicle and sensor connectivity

The SRV-8X is available in Multiple Factory Configurations

All configurations are field upgradable with any of our integrated add-on technologies.

Top-Side Options

Control Console

Control Console for SRV-8. Includes Daylight Readable Screen, XboxController, and Battery Pack

Mobile Pilot Station [MPS]

SRV-8 Pilot Station – Includes Harness, Digital Interface Module, Rugged Tablet with Sunlight Readable Screen, Xbox Controller and Subnav Software.

Digital Surface Station

SRV-8 Digital Surface Station – Includes Digital Interface Module, Rugged Laptop with Sunlight Readable Screen, Xbox Controller, and Subnav Software.

X-Box Controller

: The Xbox Controller comes standard with the SRV-8. Easy to Learn, Simple to Pilot.

Flight Stick

Flight Stick Assembly for One handed Control of the SRV-8 Includes the Flight Stick with Base and Software to Integrate with the ROV

SRV-8 Software


The SubNav™ software enables logging of all available data for post mission analysis and playback, vehicle dynamics, and position information for improved situational awareness both during and after the mission with logged data synchronized to the HD video timeline.

Ease of Use and One Person Portable

The SRV-8 can be in the water three minutes or less after arriving at the launch site. Deploying from almost any platform is simple, quick connectors link the ROV to tether to topside box and controller with 8.4” sunlight readable monitor – all in a matter of minutes.

Extend your mission with hot-swappable battery modules (available in Lithium or NiMH), no generator required.

Operate in any Underwater Environment Up to 305m Depth

In addition to getting up to 6+ hours of operation on a single charge (using Lithium batteries), the batteries provide enough power to get the SRV-8 on-station as rapidly as possible. The SRV-8 underwater drone is rated to depths as low as 305 meters (1,000 ft).

Tether Reel = 300 lb. + Pull Strength

The tether reel supports lengths up to 400m (1,312 ft) and the small diameter (4.5mm) of the tether itself reduces the effect of drag, weight and current on the ROV, making maneuvers and station-keeping easier.

With the uniquely designed strain relief connection and a pull strength rated over 300lbs, the tether can be used for launch and recovery of the SRV-8 from high platforms, or used to aid in the recovery of large heavy objects from the sea floor.

Dual Mode Camera (HD/Analog) + LED Lights

The SRV-8 is your “window in the water”. Two 1,500 lumen LED lights penetrate the depths with about a third of the brightness of full sunlight, illuminating 135° in front of the ROV, enabling the operator to find their target faster.

Additional lights can easily be added to the frame.

The onboard camera delivers dual feeds – a clear, real-time analog feed for the operator, and a high resolution digital signal suitable for viewing on-site or recording for later analysis.

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With a quick and easy set-up, near-instant operating familiarity and impeccable underwater visibility, the Oceanbotics™ SRV-8 ROV is the most reliable and affordable remote operating vehicle (ROV) on the market. The topside control console with standard Xbox controller provides intuitive operation for any marine professional.