The SRV-8X Optimus Descends 466m (1,500ft) Deep

Recently, an SRV-8X Optimus ROV descended 466m (1,528ft) deep underwater. This particular ROV has several accessories including Advanced Navigation USBL, Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonar, and a 3.5mm fiber optic tether. Operating 265m (870ft) from the vessel, the SRV-8X Optimus ROV was documented at 466m (1,528ft) deep. With a maximum depth range of 500m, this depth was an astounding feat for the ROV, and for the Oceanbotics team.  The SRV-8X Optimus is Oceanbotics’ larger, more powerful underwater ROV. With increased payload capacity, longer battery life, and an increased depth range, the new SRV-8X Optimus will help you complete any mission.

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Product Launch: The SRV-8 MDV

The SRV-8 MDV (Mine Disposal Vehicle) is a new addition to Oceanbotics’ Special Purpose Vehicle Division. This field-tested underwater ROV will detect and eliminate explosive mine threats quickly and efficiently, utilizing ECS Special Projects’ Viper MDS technology for neutralizing improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The SRV-8 MDV’s ease of use and adaptive software will allow commercial and naval EOD teams to locate and neutralize mine threats quickly. The SRV-8 MDV (Mine Disposal Vehicle) Operators will first use the SRV-8 MDV’s state-of-the-art imaging sonar to detect the mine threat. Upon reaching the mine, the Viper MDS will secure the charge disruptor to the mine. The operator will then navigate the ROV away from the mine threat while deploying a spooled shock tube that is tethered from the charge to the ROV. By activating the charge through the shock tube, the operator will effectively neutralize the mine threat, ensuring the safety of both [...]

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Introducing The SRV-8X Optimus Underwater ROV

Oceanbotics Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new, larger, underwater ROV. The SRV-8X Optimus is a larger and more powerful version of its small but mighty brother, the industry-leading, easy to use, SRV-8 ROV.    The SRV-8X Optimus The SRV-8X Optimus pushes the limits required for challenging offshore deployments, offering significant payload capabilities and an increased number of sensors for more demanding and deeper underwater missions. The ROV is battery-operated, permitting improved range and ease of movement (down to 500m depth). It also offers sophisticated data synchronization with SubNav-X™ software for seamless integration of optional accessories and a “plug-n-play” installation.  The SRV-8 (left) and the SRV-8X Optimus (right) These increased capabilities make the SRV-8X Optimus ideal for market applications such as search and rescue, civil inspection, military defense, offshore drilling, and more. The SRV-8X Optimus expands the reach of those looking to navigate the underwater [...]

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Mesophotic Reef Observation at Ningaloo Reef Park, NW AU

About 1,200 kilometers north of Perth, AU along the East Indian Ocean lies Ningaloo Marine Park, a deep reef ecosystem that supports a wide range of animals from whale sharks, turtles and other shallow and deep water habitat dwellers. The most unique feature of this 2,435 square km park is that the water depths range from 30m to more than 500m. In fact, 55% of Ningaloo Marine Park’s reefs are in water depths greater than 20 meters. These deep water reefs are called Mesophotic reefs, where light still reaches the seafloor and can be between 30 to 150 meters below the ocean’s surface. Because of the difficulties in accessing deeper parts of these marine environment, mesophotic reefs remain understudied globally. "By studying deep reef ecosystems and understanding the differences between shallow and deep water habitats will help determine the most important factors for long-term stability. “If these deepwater habitats are as important [...]

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Oceanbotics SRV-8: Government of Canada invests in science to better understand and protect marine ecosystems in the Arctic

"Canada’s Arctic waters are imperative to the livelihoods, culture, and identity of Nunavut Inuit. The Government of Canada is working in partnership to protect these ecosystems for future generations and is investing over $550,000 in two marine environmental data collection projects in Iqaluit, Nunavut. These projects are being funded through the Coastal Environmental Baseline Program under Canada’s $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Program. The two research projects are gathering a wide-range of data to help better understand Canada’s coastal environment and how we can protect it. Arctic UAV Inc. is leading a project that is collecting coastal environmental baseline data using a remotely operated underwater vehicle (RJE Oceantbotics SRV-8). This innovative project is using video to document habitat, bottom substrate, and benthic species within inner Frobisher Bay. This data will complement many of the other ongoing baseline data collection projects in the Iqaluit area. A second project by Arctic UAV Inc. is creating georeferenced aerial [...]

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ECO Magazine’s Polar Edition Feature: Exploration in Unmanned Environments

Recently, the SRV-8 was featured in ECO Magazine's Polar edition. The article 'Exploration in Unmanned Environments' explains how complex ecosystems and underwater regions can easily be explored with the use of a highly maneuverable and adaptable #ROV like the SRV-8. Read the full article here.  "The exploration of our oceans is one of the most important missions to pursue in order to understand life on earth and the impacts of climate change for the future of our planet, and sometimes the most hard to reach places are the most crucial to explore. The arctic circle and northernmost regions of our planet are comprised of frigid waters, unforgiving environments and dangerous obstacles, including sea ice and glaciers that make it almost impossible to research for even the most trained professionals. Although with advancing technology and the use of ROVs, we are able to take a peak under the surface. Most ROVs come equipped with basic [...]

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SRV-8 Nav Control Software

The SRV-8 Nav Control Software is available with the SRV-8 ROV and enables real time streaming of HD video from the #ROV which can be used as a secondary display, or to record the 1080p video for later playback and review of all available data for post mission analysis. This integrated SRV-8 Software allows operators to evaluate vehicle dynamics and position information for improved situational awareness both during and after the mission with logged data synchronized to the HD video timeline. Nav Control Software Features: Geo-Reference and Navigation Support With optional positioning systems available, such as RJE’s Standard or Advanced Navigation Packages (R-Nav), the SRV-8 software provides mission support by displaying real time positional information feedback of the ROV relative to the operators location with the ability to easily see navigation and video at the same time. Navigational reference information can be viewed as a primary or secondary display enabling the user [...]

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