Oceanbotics’ SRV-8 Featured on 60 Minutes Australia for Playing a Crucial Role in $80 Million Drug Bust

Oceanbotics recently appeared on 60 Minutes Australia, where their SRV-8 professional underwater drone played a crucial role in taking down a major cocaine smuggling operation valued at $80 million. The episode, titled "What is parasite smuggling and why is it so dangerous," delves into the world of drug trafficking beneath ships and how law enforcement is utilizing Oceanbotics’ underwater drone technology to combat the issue. On August 9, 2023, Australian Border Force officers deployed their SRV-8 underwater drone, also known as an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), to identify a suspicious attachment on a ship. They discovered and confiscated approximately 200 kilograms of cocaine, preventing its distribution in Australia. The SRV-8 underwater drone has proven highly effective in inspecting the hulls and confined spaces of commercial vessels. The Australian Border Force is using its SRV-8 underwater drone to address high-risk transnational smuggling and minimize risks to their divers. Oceanbotics continues to advance its [...]

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The SRV-8 ROV is Improving Underwater Pipeline Inspections

We sat down with Francisco Domingo of INMARVENCO C.A., a Venezuelan commercial diving company, to discuss his team’s experience using their SRV-8 ROV (remotely operated vehicle) for underwater pipeline inspections. During our interview, he discussed what types of solutions the SRV-8 offers for offshore professionals, and why they chose Oceanbotics over other ROV companies. See the full interview below.  What are some of the main factors that influenced your decision to choose the SRV-8 ROV over other competitors? Bigger isn’t always better. With a system like Oceanbotics’ SRV-8, you can perform the same, if not better, than larger ROVs in rough ocean conditions. We were looking for a compact, small ROV capable of operating in adverse offshore conditions. We wanted an underwater drone that could provide the same value as our bigger ROVs because it saves a lot of money for our clients. In terms of performance, what are your thoughts on our [...]

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Behind The Scenes: Mothersharker on Discovery Channel Shark Week

Nobody knows where tiger sharks give birth. One team of scientists deploys an arsenal of new technology, including the Oceanbotics™ SRV-8, to find out, but for it to work, they need to meet some of the biggest tiger shark mothers, face-to-face. Take a look at some behind the scenes images on how exactly the team used the ROV in various ways to study the behavior of these sharks. Images courtesy of Discovery Channel >> discovery.com/shark-week/behind-the-scenes--mothersharker Watch Mothersharker on Discovery and stream SHARK WEEK now on discovery+.

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ON&T Article – REDEFINING ROVs: Oceanbotics™ SRV-8

SRV-8 in the field - taken by Topaz Subsea, Australian Distributor Simply put, Oceanbotics™ is the latest division of RJE International, Inc. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that Oceanbotics™ represents far more than that. You will discover an interesting history, uncover exquisite design, experience intuitive technology, cutting-edge software, and witness a relentless dedication to the creation of a positive customer experience. This ceaseless drive to innovate recently culminated in the launch of the SRV-8, a professional-grade Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that delivers next-generation maneuverability and versatility. But first, a little bit of that history….Click the link below to see the full article: Oceanbotics in Ocean News and Technology (March)

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Oceanbotics SRV-8 ROV Inspections for the Australian Department of Defense

Remote Imaging solutions (RIS) recently conducted subsea work for Defense Science and Technology Group (DSTG) at HMAS Stirling in Western Australia by utilising ROVs for an in-water hull survey on HMAS Ballarat in order to assess the amount of marine bio fouling on the ship’s hull. HMAS Ballarat (FFH 155) is an Anzac-class frigate of the Royal Australian Navy. The frigate was laid down in 2000 and commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy in mid-2004. Ballarat is a long-range frigate capable of air defence, surface and undersea warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction. Ballarat‘s combat capabilities have been significantly improved under the Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrade program, a world class program that provides an enhanced sensor and weapons systems capability. HMAS Ballarat recently returned to HMAS Stirling on Garden Island from an overseas deployment. Prior to moving to the Australian Maritime Complex (AMC) in Henderson for maintenance, RIS was able to mobilise to Garden Island to conduct the in-water hull survey. The inspection took a day [...]

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Northeast Fort Bend County Fire/Rescue Dive Team Utilizes the SRV-8

Oceanbotics is proud to support courageous first responders throughout the United States. Congrats to the Northeast Fire/Rescue dive team on completing their Dive Rescue 1 this week. The team will consist of 12 members, all of which are certified. The Dive team plans to go live and available to respond anywhere in Fort Bend County, starting Monday. Solid work guys! The SRV-8 looks right at home with your team. Stay Safe! Courtesy Northeast Fort Bend County Fire Dept. Facebook Page

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SRV-8 Performance Testimonial – Operation in Bass Strait, Australia

"We used the SRV-8 for several jobs earlier this year in Bass Strait, AUS, where the client requirements called for a small, easily transportable ROV system. The SRV-8 performed exceptionally well in strong current conditions that would have made using any other ‘suitcase’ ROV very difficult. The auto heading and depth made conducting a grid seabed survey a breeze and the high definition video is of great quality. We fitted the SRV-8 with a multi-beam SONAR and found the integration to be simple and intuitive. Support from both the Australian supplier and the development team was flawless." -Rod McGinness, Operations Manager, Bass Strait Subsea

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RJE Oceanbotics names BUVI Exclusive Scandinavian Dealer

RJE Oceanbotics has teamed up with BUVI Scandinavia for the distribution of the groundbreaking SRV-8 Underwater ROV in Scandinavian markets. BUVI was established in 2011 by Marie and Fredrik Fleetwood, who started the company with a focus on underwater inspection carried out with ROVs. BUVI serves professionals in underwater services from aquaculture and plant builders, rescue services and Coast Guard, diving companies, environmental organizations and sub sea education. With the broad experience BUVI has from many years working within the marine industry, RJE Oceanbotics is confident in their ability to help spread the word of the SRV-8 superior capabilities operating in some of the most complex underwater environments. The 8 thruster SRV-8 ROV is setting a new standard in the industry with its amazing maneuverability, ease of use, portability and ruggedness.

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RJE Oceanbotics Names Wight Ocean, Ltd. Exclusive UK Dealer

RJE Oceanbotics is proud to partner with Wight Ocean Ltd (WOL), a UK start-up based on over 27 years of experience working with subsea technologies and underwater vehicles around the globe. Wight Ocean is owned by Graham Lester Holt and has been brought into the RJE International family companies as the exclusive UK Distributor of the RJE Oceanbotics SRV-8 ROV Underwater Drone, and will be the official supplier of RJE International’s mission critical diver location and navigation systems to the UK and surrounding countries. Providing sales, service and support for marine robotics solutions in scientific, military and commercial customers in the UK and Europe - WOL provides solutions that fill customer capability gaps when operating in the underwater environment. Follow RJE Oceanbotics on LinkedIn for updates from RJE family companies.

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