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Mexico Port Authorities Purchase Nine Underwater Drones

[IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, December 14, 2023] – The Mexico Port Authorities have enhanced their port security capabilities by obtaining nine (9) advanced SRV-8 professional underwater drones from Oceanbotics Inc. This strategic move aims to elevate their surveillance and monitoring capacities, ensuring state-of-the-art technology is deployed across all ports under their jurisdiction. During the summer, the Oceanbotics support team conducted an immersive, in-person training program for the Mexico Port Authorities. With these drones in operation, professionals are empowered to conduct real-time hull inspections, enhance threat detection measures, and monitor environmental conditions. As the global landscape transitions towards the widespread adoption of professional underwater drones, this investment positions the Mexico Port Authorities at the forefront of maritime security, setting new industry standards. 

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Canadian Dept. of National Defence Purchases SRV-8

Oceanbotics, the world’s leading manufacturer of easy-to-use professional underwater drones (ROVs), is pleased to announce the purchase of the SRV-8 by the Canadian Department of National Defence. This significant milestone has been achieved through our trusted partner, ROMOR Ocean Solutions, a provider of cutting-edge underwater drone technology. ROMOR Ocean Solutions played a pivotal role in facilitating this partnership by leveraging its expertise to ensure that the Canadian Department of National Defence, which supports the Canadian Armed Forces, receives a product that deploys in 3 minutes and utilizes a fully integrated Xbox controller.  Oceanbotics also participated in a collaborative training session hosted by ROMOR Ocean Solutions at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) in Nova Scotia. This event provided an exclusive platform to spotlight the distinctive capabilities of our SRV-8 underwater drone (ROV). Showcased features included state-of-the-art imaging sonar, doppler velocity log, seamlessly integrated SubNav OS software, and a cutting-edge [...]

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Oceanbotics’ SRV-8 Featured on 60 Minutes Australia for Playing a Crucial Role in $80 Million Drug Bust

Oceanbotics recently appeared on 60 Minutes Australia, where their SRV-8 professional underwater drone played a crucial role in taking down a major cocaine smuggling operation valued at $80 million. The episode, titled "What is parasite smuggling and why is it so dangerous," delves into the world of drug trafficking beneath ships and how law enforcement is utilizing Oceanbotics’ underwater drone technology to combat the issue. On August 9, 2023, Australian Border Force officers deployed their SRV-8 underwater drone, also known as an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), to identify a suspicious attachment on a ship. They discovered and confiscated approximately 200 kilograms of cocaine, preventing its distribution in Australia. The SRV-8 underwater drone has proven highly effective in inspecting the hulls and confined spaces of commercial vessels. The Australian Border Force is using its SRV-8 underwater drone to address high-risk transnational smuggling and minimize risks to their divers. Oceanbotics continues to advance [...]

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The SRV-8 ROV is Improving Underwater Pipeline Inspections

We sat down with Francisco Domingo of INMARVENCO C.A., a Venezuelan commercial diving company, to discuss his team’s experience using their SRV-8 ROV (remotely operated vehicle) for underwater pipeline inspections. During our interview, he discussed what types of solutions the SRV-8 offers for offshore professionals, and why they chose Oceanbotics over other ROV companies. See the full interview below.  What are some of the main factors that influenced your decision to choose the SRV-8 ROV over other competitors? Bigger isn’t always better. With a system like Oceanbotics’ SRV-8, you can perform the same, if not better, than larger ROVs in rough ocean conditions. We were looking for a compact, small ROV capable of operating in adverse offshore conditions. We wanted an underwater drone that could provide the same value as our bigger ROVs because it saves a lot of money for our clients. In terms of performance, what are your thoughts on [...]

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The SRV-8X Optimus Descends 466m (1,500ft) Deep

Recently, an SRV-8X Optimus ROV descended 466m (1,528ft) deep underwater. This particular ROV has several accessories including Advanced Navigation USBL, Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonar, and a 3.5mm fiber optic tether. Operating 265m (870ft) from the vessel, the SRV-8X Optimus ROV was documented at 466m (1,528ft) deep. With a maximum depth range of 500m, this depth was an astounding feat for the ROV, and for the Oceanbotics team.  The SRV-8X Optimus is Oceanbotics’ larger, more powerful underwater ROV. With increased payload capacity, longer battery life, and an increased depth range, the new SRV-8X Optimus will help you complete any mission.

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Oceanbotics Sponsors College AUV & ROV Teams

Our company is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) teams at California State University, Fullerton. We recognize the importance of supporting the next generation of innovators in the field of underwater robotics and engineering. As we look into the future of underwater technology, including underwater drones and undersea vehicles, we must continue to empower college students in their efforts to develop new technological advancements.  Isaiah Odunze, a member of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) team, had this to say about his time in the program and Oceanbotics Inc:  “I had the privilege of working on the 2022-2023 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) senior design project at California State University, Fullerton. Our team of computer engineers went through the process of improving, modifying, and testing the Legacy AUV platform here on campus. I learned a lot about the limitations of working on underwater [...]

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