SRV-8 topside box operating grabber

The Future of Aquatic Search, Inspection and Observation.

The adoption of remotely operated vehicles in the marine industry for aquatic search, inspection and observation has grown swiftly in the past decades. Today’s ROVs are able to stay on station longer, dive deeper and deliver real-time video for analysis. Yet, they have remained a complicated and expensive alternative to professional divers, requiring extensive training to operate and maintain.

That all changes with the SRV-8.

Building on parent company RJE International’s 27 years of supporting civilian commercial and military underwater operations, the SRV-8 combines ease of use, agility and maneuverability, making underwater missions a viable option for communities, agencies and other entities of all sizes.

The impeccable performance benefits of the SRV-8 are enhanced even further by it’s ability to integrate with accessories including various sonar, navigation and tracking systems, cleaning tools, manipulators and grabbers for use in any industry.


Inspection and observation of nets and pens at aquaculture sites is a routine task necessary to avoid costly repairs and reduce economic losses.  As an easy to use and deploy tool, the SRV-8 can reduce the need for expensive diver inspections and identify problems quickly and efficiently.

Net Inspection

Mooring Inspection

Mort/Invasive Species Identification


Infrastructure, such as bridges, dams, and pipelines, need regular maintenance and repair. Small and light yet strong enough to deal with heavy currents, this ROV can help you maintain structures by recording and cataloging the current state and observing where repairs may be needed.


Pier Structures

Water Tanks



Law Enforcement

Whether for security in a port area, or for search/rescue/recovery situations, an ROV is often the best and only choice. The SRV-8’s maneuverability and agility makes these operations much more successful. With Rapid Deployment, the SRV-8 can be on site and in the water in minutes and helps to reduce a Divers Time Exposed to Danger (TED) by providing situational awareness before entering the water and occasionally avoiding going into the water at all.

Search & Recovery

Ship Hull Inspection

Rapid Deployment Operations

Diver Assist / Pre Dive Reconnaissance

Underwater Surveys

The SRV-8 can be considered as a sensor delivery platform, enabling many types of survey and data collection activities. With the optional R-Nav positioning system, and the ability to add a multitude of underwater sensors, pre-planned missions can be executed with precision.

Reef Site Mapping

Research and Data Collection


Lost Equipment Recovery

Non Invasive Shoal Verification and Ground Truthing

Survey Data Validation


Military and defense operations cover a variety of tasks including EOD, MCM, and Port Security.

Observation & Recovery

Offboard Sensors Platform

UXO Detection and Disposal

Diver Assist / Pre Dive Reconnaissance

Science & Research

Ecological Studies & Observation

Animal Welfare

Geological & Environmental Surveying

Instrumentation Platform

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