Canadian Dept. of National Defence Purchases SRV-8

Oceanbotics, the world’s leading manufacturer of easy-to-use professional underwater drones (ROVs), is pleased to announce the purchase of the SRV-8 by the Canadian Department of National Defence. This significant milestone has been achieved through our trusted partner, ROMOR Ocean Solutions, a provider of cutting-edge underwater drone technology. ROMOR Ocean Solutions played a pivotal role in facilitating this partnership by leveraging its expertise to ensure that the Canadian Department of National Defence, which supports the Canadian Armed Forces, receives a product that deploys in 3 minutes and utilizes a fully integrated Xbox controller.  Oceanbotics also participated in a collaborative training session hosted by ROMOR Ocean Solutions at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) in Nova Scotia. This event provided an exclusive platform to spotlight the distinctive capabilities of our SRV-8 underwater drone (ROV). Showcased features included state-of-the-art imaging sonar, doppler velocity log, seamlessly integrated SubNav OS software, and a cutting-edge USBL [...]