Oceanbotics’ SRV-8 Featured on 60 Minutes Australia for Playing a Crucial Role in $80 Million Drug Bust

Oceanbotics recently appeared on 60 Minutes Australia, where their SRV-8 professional underwater drone played a crucial role in taking down a major cocaine smuggling operation valued at $80 million. The episode, titled "What is parasite smuggling and why is it so dangerous," delves into the world of drug trafficking beneath ships and how law enforcement is utilizing Oceanbotics’ underwater drone technology to combat the issue. On August 9, 2023, Australian Border Force officers deployed their SRV-8 underwater drone, also known as an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), to identify a suspicious attachment on a ship. They discovered and confiscated approximately 200 kilograms of cocaine, preventing its distribution in Australia. The SRV-8 underwater drone has proven highly effective in inspecting the hulls and confined spaces of commercial vessels. The Australian Border Force is using its SRV-8 underwater drone to address high-risk transnational smuggling and minimize risks to their divers. Oceanbotics continues to advance its [...]