ECO Magazine’s Polar Edition Feature: Exploration in Unmanned Environments

Recently, the SRV-8 was featured in ECO Magazine's Polar edition. The article 'Exploration in Unmanned Environments' explains how complex ecosystems and underwater regions can easily be explored with the use of a highly maneuverable and adaptable #ROV like the SRV-8. Read the full article here.  "The exploration of our oceans is one of the most important missions to pursue in order to understand life on earth and the impacts of climate change for the future of our planet, and sometimes the most hard to reach places are the most crucial to explore. The arctic circle and northernmost regions of our planet are comprised of frigid waters, unforgiving environments and dangerous obstacles, including sea ice and glaciers that make it almost impossible to research for even the most trained professionals. Although with advancing technology and the use of ROVs, we are able to take a peak under the surface. Most ROVs come equipped with basic [...]